Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sheepy Time Gallery

Fibonacci Sequence Longies

Yarn: Reynold's Turnberry Tweed

Pink Ruffle Soaker

Yarn: Lamb's Pride

Dinosaur Soaker

Yarn: 100purewool

Rainbow Sherbet Shorties

Yarn: 100purewool

Hibiscus Shorties

Yarn: 100purewool

Size: Custom

These were special ordered by someone who picked out the yarn and requested dark pink hibsicus flowers.

Fairies Shorties

Yarn: Custom dyed 100purewool plus a variety of whatever I had around wool for the embellishments

Size: Custom

These were special ordered by a friend who said surprise me!

Camping Shorties

Yarn: Local

Size: newborn

Cherry Blossoms

Yarn: 100purewool

Size: Small

Black Cherry Soaker Sack

Yarn: Wool of the Andes

Yarn: Lamb's Pride


Yarn: custom dyed 100purewool

Ocean Soaker

Yarn: Handpainted Yarn

Dip Dye Soaker Sack

Yarn: custom dyed 100purewool

Snakes Shorts

Yarn: Peace Fleece

Bees Shorties

Yarn: Paternayan


Yarn: Lamb's Pride and some vintage white

Clay Shorties

Yarn: 100purewool

Blauer Reiter

Yarn: 100purewool


Yarn: Peace Fleece, colors Baikal/Superior Green and Shaba.


  1. Wow! Those are all absolutely gorgeous!!! My son's soakers suddenly seem so darn boring:-)

  2. I especially love the cherry blossom and dip dye ones! Makes me wnat to be more creative with the next ones I do.

  3. Hi there, I linked here from the wool group on yahoo! I must say you are sooooo talented. I have been knitting for about a year and love to knit longies and make wool soakers out of old sweaters. But your talent surpasses mine. I noticed you are from Indy. I am in Fishers. Where do you yarn shop???

  4. I would like to talk to you about getting some work done. Could you email me?