Saturday, June 02, 2007


Here are final pictures of the 2 custom order shorties I just finished. I LOVE them and I was sorely tempted to say something horrible befell the fairies so that I could put them in a frame on my wall instead of give them away.

It's a picture heavy post, but I think they're worth it!

Fairies Shorties

Yarn: Custom dyed 100purewool plus a variety of whatever I had around wool for the embellishments

Size: Custom

These were special ordered by a friend who said surprise me!
Believe it or not I had more problems with the mushrooms than the fairies.

Camping Shorties

Yarn: Local

Size: newborn

These were special ordered for a shower gift. She asked for an outdoors/camping theme.


  1. Love them!!!

  2. I was linked to your blog from the wool soakers group, so you don't know me, but... WOW, those are the cutest embellishments, seriously! I am so impressed!

  3. Those are gorgeous! It must have taken you a lot of time, but they are just lovely.

  4. These are so cute!!! I just posted a link on my blog to your blog, just so you know. :)