Monday, July 09, 2007

Needle Felting

So while I was at the fiber festival I decided I was going to try needle felting. I got some books from the library, but I've been kind of avoiding it. I was intimidated.

I shouldn't have been

Needle felting is both awesomely cool and fun but also pretty easy.

Just make sure you don't do it when you're pissed off....
These are a custom order. She picked out the blue/green yarn (100purewool, btw) and asked for hibiscus flowers in a dark pink.

I had SO much fun doing these and it's not too difficult at all.

Of the books I got from the library, I would recommend Needle Felting: Simple Techniques, Beautiful Projects, by Linda Lenich and Jennifer Kooy Zoeterman the most, followed closely by Indygo Junction's Needle Felting: 22 Stylish Projects for Home and Fashion, by Amy Barickman. Both have good explanation of the technique, and both have some projects that are cool and some that are just weird.

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