Thursday, August 16, 2007


What do you think of these pants?

I really love the top part. I had thought I would make the majority of the rest of them with the noro (stripy) yarn and put another pattern on the bottom 3-4 inches and black cuffs. But now I'm worried they're going to be TOO stripey for pants and look silly.

These are size Large, so... like 12-18 months-ish. I've joined for the legs and done about an inch on the right leg (left on the picture). Should I keep going? Or I could back up to the pick and black stripe and make it them black. I'm worried about having enough yarn though.

Would you buy them?

Edited to add: I did pull off the and match yarn into 2 balls so that I can make the stripes on the legs match if I continue them the way they are.


  1. Beautiful! I would totally buy them! I think the Noro striping would be cute all the way down the legs myself, though I would probably try to match the stripes as much as I could.

  2. I love the way Noro stripes on longies! I think they'd look weird without it.

  3. They are is the intarsia pattern :)
    Go for it with the striping....they'll be fab :)

    Sarah xXx

  4. I think they would look great with stripes. Or if you feel like that's too much, could you do some stripe, some black and back to stripe?

  5. That is gorgeous. Is the yarn making that pattern or did you do the knitting with solid colors? I like the black, stripe, black kind of thing as well. Difficult to decide.

  6. Love them, so pretty. You can do so much more for a little girl.