Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Opinions please?

I'm working on this pair of Small Sheepy Pants (it's Uva Nudos from 100purewool), and I'm not sure I like how it's pooling on the leg.

I like the blended look on the top, more than the swirly stripe on the bottom.
But the real problem is this weird blob of dark purple on the back.

I was asking my husband about it, and thinking of frogging it back to the top of the legs and working with 2 strands to avoid the pooling.

He suggested I ask people first, and pointed out that my instinct was way off on the Noro pants.

So, what do you think?


  1. I think the appeal will depend on the person. Personally, I tend to like a little pooling with variegated yarns. And with the big purple splotch on the back, it kind of gives a "purple camo" look to the pants. I think that might easily appeal to some folks, especially any who have hunters in the family. (My hubby likes camo due to paintball, so it would appeal to us.)

  2. I agree with crittenknit. That is kind of the fun of knitting with variegated yarn, seeing how it stripes and pools. I would leave it.

  3. Yep, I'd leave it. Who wants their hand-knitted item to look like it was manufactured by machine? If the other leg does something similar, I think it would be very cool.

  4. I like the swirly part on the leg, but the whole pooling thing is very personal. There are a lot of people in both camps though, so I think you're good either way.

    I really love that color.

  5. I don't like camo as it is representative of a violent act (killing) so I steer away from all camo- won't even make it for friends of family. :-) That said, I don't think these are too camoflaug-ee.

    I would frog the one leg and use the magic loop or whatever the method is called where you work both legs on one long circular needle. That's what I did with the longies I made for the knitalong and I liked the results for the legs.

    Like the way the top looks as well. It is all personal opinion.

    BTB, does your husband have a brother who's not married and not too young? :-))

  6. While I'm all for a little pooling, the big purple blob is not to my taste. I'd frog and try to minimize it. :)

  7. Most of the time poolis is fine by me....but I think it this case there is a posibility that it might look like the diaper is leaking.... Not up to me though...if you like it, finish it. I do love the color.

  8. i like it as is - its cute