Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Dear Kat,
I know you've been waiting (somewhat impatiently) for your wrap.

I hope it's worth the wait.

There are no cats on this blog, but there is my friend Kat, who did all the work on the web site.

I wanted to make her something for a thank you, and she requested a "fleckety" brown shawl.
The pattern is Stolen Moments by Amy Swenson. The yarn is Mei Mei chunky tweed wool. It's a bit scratchy in the ball but gets quite a lot softer with washing.
I think it qualifies as "fleckity." It's a beautiful rich, tweedy brown.
I also got around to finishing this pair of socks for the DH. Regia black-brown sock yarn.

Between that and Applewood Pi shawl (which is a simply gorgeous handpainted peach/tan/brown yarn) and the fact that it's been looking like this outside all week, and I'm really really sick of brown.


  1. The shawl is gorgeous- I love the brown. And that foggy photo at the end- it's beautiful, in that Wuthering-Heights, Heathcliff on the Moor kind of way!!

    - Julie

  2. Fleckity? :) I hear you about the weather. It's not much better here, although it is sunny. Small consolation when you are literally buried in snow.

  3. Hi, I had a question about your sheepy pants pattern. I just purchased it a few days ago. Can you email me?