Monday, March 09, 2009


I know- I know- I've been really quiet.

There was a week when I had some kind of plague. And days before and after when someone else in my household had it.

But mostly, it's because almost all of the stuff that I've been working on is Unbloggable. When you design patterns for potential publication anywhere they don't want you to tell anyone about it, especially not in print or on the internet. Which makes for some seriously boring blogging.

So I will just entertain you for now with what my kids have affectionately dubbed Mount Yarn.

I've been dyeing.

A lot.

Let me also introduce 2 new colorways. This one is Molly (because it is the perfect pink).

And this is Ruby Slippers.

Which is really hard to photograph.

These are both shown here on a new base yarn I've discovered: Panda Feet. It's 80% superwash merino and 20% bamboo. I'm wearing some socks right now in Molly and I *love* them. This is such a luxurious feeling yarn. Look for lots of it in the store in the next week or so. It's probably 60% of Mount Yarn. (the rest being old standbys).


  1. "design patterns for potential publication"???? You are such a tease! I love the new colors!

  2. Nice mountain. :) There is probably some Strawberry Mango underneath that pile that will be coming home to live with me. :D I often come and drool over your yarns, and I'm finally getting to spring for some. I'd love to see some Ruby Slipper and Molly on BFL! Those would match my babes summer wardrobe really well.