Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Oncoming Storm

Over the summer while I wasn't blogging I released a new Doctor inspired colorway, Oncoming Storm

It's a great stormy blue/black/grey color of a stormy night sky.

And while I'm talking about Doctor Who inspired yarn I have to share this shawl with you all

This is The Doctor Shawl, made from the new Stephen West pattern Earth & Sky.  It's called that because it's made with Gallifrey, Screwdriver, and Oncoming Storm.  It never even occurred to me to put those colors together but they look great!  Awesome job Jeff!

In other news, I can't seem to stop making Hexapuffs


  1. Beautiful yarns, and a gorgeous shawl as well!

    What are hexapuffs? I see them, but short of a guess at cat toys or maybe beanbags, I'm at a loss. Help a Critter out? :)

  2. beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful. i did manage to stop puffing, but only because i stole the needles to make some legwarmers. i may be having withdrawals. i think the answer is to go buy more 4's.

  3. That garter stitch photo is hauntingly beautiful. Fantastic photos of a beautiful shawl! Great job, Jeff!

  4. I'll make flatypuffs if I succumb at all. I love Oncoming Storm, a LOT. I might marry it.