Thursday, September 29, 2011


So, I've already posted pictures that implied I've fallen down the hexapuff rabbit hole.

The Beekeeper's Quilt is kind of genius.  It's simple but awesome. 
(Image used with permission)
 Look at all those little puffs!  They make me a little giddy.

I've heard some people comment that they could figure out how to make a puff from the pictures.  And it's true, I could too.  But I bought the pattern anyway, because the truth is I COULD, but I DIDN'T.  I never would have thought to make teeny puffy hexagons and tie them together (NO SEAMS!) into an awesome blanket.

Lucky for me someone else did.  And she took beautiful pictures of it and then wrote clear instructions and carefully formatted it into a pattern which I can buy for the price of a latte.

(That basket is almost full now).  I love it, and they make me happy, and that's TOTALLY worth paying a tiny amount for, even if I could do it myself.  I am a little amazed at how people will spend tons of money on yarn but when something is an idea, they won't pay even a few dollars for it. 

Here are some other crazy things I've done with hexapuffs:

Insanely small puff

oh yeah, that's right.  00000 needles.  Gossamer weight (hand spun) yarn.  Teeny tiny puff.


Giant puff.  I knit a megapuff with sz 11 needles and double stranded worsted wool, then felted it.  I did cast on more stitches, and bound off instead of closing it up, then cut the sides bigger and put in a zipper to make...

PUFF BAG!  Now I have somewhere to store my puff supplies.


  1. Insanely cute!! And that felted puff bag? GENIUS!!

  2. I love the puff bag. it is so clever!
    and you know? it's true about the patterns. I think the beekeeper's quilt is the only tok pattern I bought (aside from the ones in yarn forward) because I won "the motherlode" on her birthday, but i didn't care that i could figure it out from the picture. the idea was totally worth it to me, and i wanted her to get the money for it. then when i found out that she was going through tough times recently and the puff money was really really well-timed, it made me feel even better about not being too cheap to shell out $5 for a cute pattern.

  3. Totally impressive pattern. I think my mom has a crib quilt a couple of generations old that reminds me of this hexapuff style - but this seems more usable. Thank you for sharing what in the heck these hexapuffs are that have invaded your life! :) SO impressed with all your hexapuffery! *grin*

  4. I WILL make a Bee Keeper's Quilt, but I'm sure it will be a year or two before I'm able to start. Those little hexipuffs look so addictive!

    And, I love your puff bag; great idea!

  5. Really well written. You're right about many of us (myself, sadly, included) being willing to buy yarn but not willing to buy patterns. Thanks for making me think more carefully about this. I've put it in my Favorites--I think it would be a great future project to use up bits of leftover yarn!

  6. Well said, Mandie! And I love the red puffbag!

  7. I am trying to resist the hexapuffs because I will go down the rabbit hole and may never be seen again. But the bag is total genius :-)

  8. I just imaged a tree all decked out with the Hexi.