Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I seem to be obsessed with knitting rainbows lately.

And why not, they're awesome.

This is  Stripe Study by Veera Välimäki.  The yarn is Kauni in EQ (rainbow) and an undyed soft, non-superwash fingering weight yarn I love.  Ravelry project link

I adored making it and it's my new favorite shawl to wear.  Rainbows are all kinds of awesome.  And I really love the shape of this one.  

(Caity is a great model)


  1. You know how sometimes you are browsing around the web and you follow a link, then follow a link, then think you are done, but gee, that looks awfully interesting . . . . that's how I found you (and I don't even remember what I started out looking for! ;-D

    This is beautiful. I pinned a pic to my knitting board (penandra/knitting) on Pinterest and followed the click through to the pattern and have pinned that also to buy the pattern. Thank you for posting!

  2. Thank's to Caity , wonderful colors and model !