Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Molly

 I can hardly believe you are 13 years old. 

You have changed my life in ways I could not ever have imagined.  It's not been easy, we've both had a hard time of it, but you have come so far and I am so proud of you.
 You drove me crazy as a baby, doing everything before I was ready.  Climbing on tables at 5 months old.

 and standing up at 6.

 This picture always makes me cry because this is the first time you looked at me in about a year. 

 You've grown up so very much

 This was Molly's birthday party.  Caity made a collar like Kermit's
 Molly loves Hello Kitty shirts. 
 Kermit and Charlie in the Box are her favorite things.
Happy Birthday, Molly

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