Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Spinning mojo

 Last fall I found myself suddenly in possession of a beautiful, 20 year old Matchless wheel.  It's always been my dream wheel that I thought maybe some day after the kids are in college I can afford, but then an old friend offered hers up for sale at a price that was so ridiculously low I couldn't NOT buy it. 

It wasn't in perfect working order, and I thought it was going to need an $80-100 part, but it turned out that it only needed an $8 bolt.  Which I've had for a while but this year has been ridiculously busy.  I knew that once I got the wheel singing I would not want to stop spinning and I just didn't have time so I didn't let myself get sucked in.

Well a couple weeks ago I did. 

 Oh I do love this wheel.  I loved my old wheel (An Ashford Traditional Double Drive) but she's a Honda and the Matchless is a Ferrari. 

This is 400 yards of Romney from The Painted Tiger (a color called Nesting).  I picked this fiber specifically because I know anything Brooke dyes is going to be easy to spin and I wanted my first run on the new wheel with new parts to be problem free. 

I love it.


  1. I'm happy for you. You made beautiful yarn on a dream wheel. :)

  2. Oh what a lovely yarn! My spinning wheel is from the beginning of last century and a bit erractic at times but I still love it.... Spinning is one of those things whereyou truly can lose yourself - in a very pleasant way.