Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I finally have something new to share:

 I finished these grey ones last year.  I love them.

I particularly love the way the cables work their way around the heel and gusset.

 It took quite a long time to size the pattern right.  

I did a survey of calf sizes on ravelry, and there's a huge range, as I expected, but also a lot of variability from top to mid calf to ankle, so it took a lot of work to come up with a knee sock pattern that would fit just about anyone. 
The purple ones are my daughter Caity's.  She's got itty bitty wee calves, unlike my thick ones.  


So now they just need a name. 

Got a suggestion?  Let me know.  If I use it, I'll give you a free copy.


  1. How about Herald Square? Because heraldic knot cables, and squarish.

  2. I like Sloan. The socks look strong and feminine and that's what Sloan makes me think of.

  3. I keep thinking Kinky Boots. Beats me why.

  4. They remind me of Jo, from Little Women, for some reason. So: Jo

  5. Oh great job! Those socks are absolutely lovely!!! I'd love to have a pattern so I can make a pair!

    They have a definite regal look - almost Celtic too. What about "Catherine" or "Cambridge"? Duchess Catherine is all the rage right now, a true fashionista, but if you don't want the name to be too feminine, Cambridge would still be reminiscent of her and retain that regal ring. "Regina" would also be a good name. Another thought would be to go Celtic with something like "Irish Eyes" to highlight those wonderful Celtic-like circles (eyes) at the top!

  6. I think the cables look like rivers converging or diverging, so Tributary or Estuary?

  7. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel....let down thy golden extensions!"

    Okay, so maybe we'll just shorten that to "Rapunzel" and call it good...

  8. Very pretty! How about Celtic Ribbons?