Wednesday, July 11, 2007

True to form...

I cannot follow the directions on a pattern without changing them.

My children and my house conspired to keep me from starting the stag bag until today (Wednesday), even though the yarn was dry on Sunday. Well except for when my DH put it outside and it got dewy again. I'm chomping at the bit here. I thought I had a shot at finishing it before the movie, but gave up on that idea yesterday. It should definitely be done for me to carry my new book out of the store at 12:01 though.

I start out thinking I'm going to make it just like the pattern. Really.

Well, except the color, but that doesn't really count.

And well, those chevrons. Those are a little bit like construction arrows. It could be cooler with something else there.

Then I sit down to start making it, and it's stranding *flat*? You want me to PURL with 2 strands? Um, why?

Yeah, so I changed it. It's now all made in 1 piece. added the swirly design, charted it out both directions so it can go around the stag, and figured out how many stitches that was. Figured out a fill stitch pattern for the back so I can carry both colors around the back. Did a provisional cast on, so when I'm done I can graft the bottom together, and then started working it all in the round.

But other than that it's exactly like the pattern.


  1. Sure, it's just like the pattern. I'm laughing so hard at that.

  2. I can't follow a pattern completely now that I've been doing needlework so long. You have changed this one a "bit." It is funny. :-)

  3. *giggle*

    I hope you enjoy your results! :)

    BTW - Did Spike's sweater survive the remainder of the winter?

  4. I found you via ravelry (imagine that!) and am so glad. I am totally ripping off your in the round mods for my stag bag (the purling was killing me too!). Thanks so much for the post!