Friday, July 20, 2007

We're all ready here...

I haven't had time to post since we got back from our trip. I finished the stag bag before we left except for some finishing, which I did when we got back.

I really really love it. Seriously love it.
Here's the back

And the insides, just in case you want to see that too...
Remember when I showed you a picture of this a while back as a hint? It was an extreme closeup and I was hoping you couldn't tell it's scale.
Well here it is all finished. It's a bookmark. It's made from embroidery floss on 0000 needles. I did it with double knitting because I didn't want to fiddle with double pointed needles on something this small. Instead, half of the stitches are slipped one way, turn it over and stitch the slipped stitches, and slip the stitched ones, the other way. Same thing but only 2 needles.
Just for the record, it's 12 stitches per inch.

Last night I whipped up this Pygmy Puff for C. She has named it Penelope. (I was thinking it would be Arnold, but she wanted it to be a girl... *shrug*).
I also made a snitch washcloth on our trip, finished it while we were there, and now I can't find it. I think we're completely unpacked too, so I'm really baffled as to where it went. Maybe a house elf has decided to pick it up...
We're just waiting for the book to come out now. Just under 12 hours...


  1. What beautiful work! The stag pouch is just a knockout!

  2. WOW!!! I've been off my desktop for so long (office is a wreck) and using my hubby's laptop - without my bookmarks - that I just now saw this. Impressive! And I have to applaud you for the tenacity to knit on 0000 needles - even for a bookmark! What are your thoughts after the whole experience?

    By the way - what exactly is a Pygmy Puff?

    Hope the Snitch washcloth turned up!