Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I cannot explain this

I don't know what happened to these pant legs.

These have the same number of rows.

They were made on the same needles.

By the same person (me)

With the same ball of yarn.

When bad things happen with gauge.

Obviously, I need to re-knit one of the legs. But I don't even know which one to rip out? Was I really tense one day and knit particularly tightly? Or was I really loose? Who knows.


  1. It's the gauge gnomes, they come and mess with your knitting while you sleep! ;-) I'd rip out the bigger leg, myself- I find it easier to go tighter by choice than looser, but that's just me.
    - Julie

  2. Figure out which stitches match the bum part and don't rip that one out. Not sure if it will work, but it may.

    This is one reason I like doing the two legs at once on a big circular. I'm liking that method so much more. :-)